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Decades in the making, salmon-deboning Pinbone Wizard ready for market

Despite the name, don’t confuse the Pinbone Wizard the with classic The Who song about pinball. Though once you see the machine in action, quickly and efficiently pulling the tiny pin bones out of a salmon filet without wrecking the meat, it’s hard not to walk away with the descending chord progression of the classic rock song stuck in your head.  Read more here 09:08

New Bone Removing Machine Introduced – The Pinbone Wizard

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has a new bone removal machine receiving patents. Larry Kozycki invented the Pinbone Wizard in the 1990’s.  But when Kozycki died,,,“The way the machine works is the guts of the machine are a series of opposing discs that are each handed about 5 degrees and when they come together it’s almost like a pair of needle nose plyers that pulls the bone.  Read more here  Video here  20:49:01