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Plenty of Fish in the Sea? Melissa Pandika calls herself a journalist? Heh heh yeeeah OK!

Why you should careWithin our lifetimes, the world’s supply of fish could collapse entirely. That’s right: no more sushi, no more pet goldfish and moreover, devastated economies and food supplies in the developing world.  Link Malissa Pandika put her name on this swill that is the hottest twitter trash being passed around to every engo groupy that is networked together. That’s a huge amount of uninformed, thirsty for alarmist ecoblab people that will read it without understanding it, or of the disservice to real journalism. It’s built on a bunch of WWF, Boris Worm dogma.

In the comment section, beneath the stacking tweets that will be endess, stands one man that dissected this pile of crap. Bob Vannase destroys the “article” with fact. It would go unnoticed unless pointed out. 17:43

Letter to the Editor: Plenty of fish in the sea? Not in Cape Cod’s seas, Fritz Lauenstein, Dennisport Ma. (if it were only this simple)

My grandmother recounted how she and Grandpa used to row down to Nauset Inlet below Fort Hill and catch market cod. As a kid I used to be able to catch them off the backside. In the ’80s I jigged cod in 80 feet by hand for a summer job. [email protected]