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Polar bears put on show for Labrador fisherman

A fisherman from Labrador got to see a magnificent sight during a fishing trip in the Davis Strait. Jonathon Larkham took a video of two polar bears while he and others were Turbot fishing on factory freezer Saputi on Tuesday. Larkham, who’s from Port Hope Simpson, said they’ve been fishing for four to five weeks, and the thick ice is making it difficult. Watch the video here 09:00

NOAA Failed Walrus Science, Meanwhile Polar bears are doing just fine – with some “as fat as pigs”!

NOAA ScientistTwo posts: The 2015 Arctic Report Card: NOAA Failed Walrus Science!- Good scientists fully understand that complex issues with high uncertainties require two or more working hypotheses. NOAA failed to communicate the great uncertainties and alternative. Instead NOAA’s report card made claims that hinge on the unproven hypothesis that,, (Click here), and More scientific evidence that polar bears are doing just fine – a 30% increase in population with some of them “as fat as pigs.” – Svalbard polar bear numbers increased 30% over last 11 years. Results of this fall’s Barents Sea population survey have been released by the Norwegian Polar Institute and they are phenomenal: despite several years with poor ice conditions, (Click here) 15:13

Challenging NOAA’s “Arctic Report Card 2014” on polar bears

This year, polar bears are virtually the only species that NOAA mentions in their Arctic Report Card – they’ve put all their icon-eggs in one leaky basket [what happened to walrus??]. But polar bears are doing so well that to make an alarming case for polar bears as victims of Arctic warming, many important caveats had to be left out or misrepresented. Some details given are simply wrong. Read the rest here 08:30

Submitted by George Washington – Seals, Sea Lions, Polar Bears, Bald Eagles, Sea Stars, Turtles, King and Sockeye Salmon, Herring, Anchovies, Sardines All Dying

We’ve previous documented that seals, sea lions, polar bears, sea stars, turtles, sockeye salmon, herring, anchovies and sardines on the West Coast of North America are all suffering mysterious diseases … which are killing many. We’ve asked whether this is related  to  massive releases of radiation from Fukushima. Update Sadly, we can now add other wildlife to the list.  George Washington @ zero hedge. I dunno. Interesting read. Catch Radical Marijuana’s interesting comment. Read [email protected]  23:13