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Stop pointing the finger at fishing, point it at polluting industries

blue crab 2Sandy muddy bottoms peak August and October in Georgia In the marshes, estuaries and winter beaches, you can go as far as a mile or two out searching for crabs. Crabbing has declined over the years, . Read the rest here 14:04

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, New Legislation To Ban Plastic Microbeads In Personal Care Products

Fish and birds think they’re food, and they eat them. Not only does this disrupt the food chain and contaminate significant portions of the wildlife population here, but it hurts our commercial and recreational fishing industries, because they can’t sell – and we can’t eat – a catch that’s contaminated with toxic plastic.” Read the rest here 09:39

Little teensy tiny plastic balls called Microbeads in soap are polluting our eco systems and fish are eating them

What they do know is that the beads wash down bathroom drains and travel to sewage-treatment plants where they pass through filters and into streams [email protected] columbusdispatch