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A full range of emotions regarding sea lions was on display Tuesday at the Port of Astoria!

Port of Astoria Commissioner Bill Hunsinger marshaled his fellow commercial fishermen Tuesday to talk about what the agency can do to stop sea lions from ruining fishing on the Columbia River. Hunsinger added the Sea Lion Committee to he Port Commission agenda for the meeting Tuesday, which was packed to the gills with commercial and guide fishermen who largely feel the river’s endangered salmon runs, and by extension their livelihoods, are threatened by pinnipeds. In the front row was a small contingent from the Sea Lion Defense Brigade,,, Read the article here 13:47

‘You can’t make this stuff up.’ Fake Killer Whale goes Belly Up in effort to drive Sea Lions from the Port of Astoria!

John Wifler, pilot of the fake killer whale was bearing down on some sea lions when his unusual vessel capsized in the wake of a large cargo vessel.  He had to clamber through an escape hatch as a rescue tender raced out to save him from drowning. Port of Astoria Executive Director Jim Knight said the sea lions ‘got deathly silent’ when the giant killer whale sailed into view. There are serious environmental concerns associated with the sea lions: ‘They basically create 10 to 30 pounds of poop a day.’ (from eating salmon)  Video, photos, Read the rest here 12:19