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The Fishing Fleet: An invisible cornerstone of our economy

Hundreds of people who drive by on their way to and from wherever probably don’t notice, but you might, or at least you could. Look seaward when you pass Safeway and you’ll see a boatyard story that goes beyond the wooden boat identity Port Townsend is famous for. Below the tall masts of schooners and square riggers are the troll poles, gurdies and net rollers of the fish boats that call on Port Townsend for their winter’s maintenance. Some of their owners live here, and the vessels’ names are better known (Chichagof, Duna, Cape Cleare). Many come from distant ports, employing and trusting our community to keep their boats afloat. The marine trades constitute the third-largest employer in the county. This is big business for us. Tim Hoffman of Lowest Hadlock Shipwrights put this way: “Ninety percent of my business is fish boats, and they really don’t get the credit they deserve for what they’ve brought to this place, and I’m talking since the mid-’70s.” click here to read the story 08:51

The Western Flyer is about to be uncloaked – getting $2 million renovation in Port Townsend

Three months after the beginning of a $2 million renovation to transform the battered hulk of a boat once used by author John Steinbeck into a floating science center, those working on the project are lifting the shroud of secrecy and allowing the public to look but not touch.  “There have been no surprises on this project so far,” said Shipwrights Co-op member Chris Chase, who with Tim Lee is overseeing renovation expected to take 2½ years. “The biggest surprise is the level of public interest,” he said. Read the rest here 11:35

The past-due rent of wrath: Boat linked to John Steinbeck becomes $7,978 Port of Port Townsend liability

As of Friday, Gerry Kehoe, the owner of the Western Flyer — which was brought into the Boat Haven covered in mud and barnacles earlier this summer — owed the Port of Port Townsend $7,877.73 in fees and has not responded to any communications about the bill, according to port executive assistant Jean French. Kehoe, a businessman and developer in Steinbeck’s old stomping ground of Salinas, Calif., purchased the Western Flyer in 2010 with the intention of using it as a tourist attraction. [email protected]  09:31

WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL — The historic schooner Adventuress ‘belle of ball’

PORT TOWNSEND — The centennial celebration of the Adventuress has turned the historic schooner into a centerpiece of this year’s Wooden Boat Festival. One hundred is a big number for the Adventuress. Not only is it 100 years old, but it also is a little more than 100 feet long and weighs 100 tons. The schooner as built in East Boothbay, Maine, in 1913 for John Borden, who wanted to sail it to Alaska. A year later, it was sold to the Port of San Francisco as a pilot ship. [email protected]  15:13

WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL — Boats, music, sailing adventures in Port Townsend this weekend

Some 300 wooden boats are expected at the three-day festival that begins today at the Point Hudson Marina Festival Grounds at the end of Water Street. Schedule of events [email protected]  14:38