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Video: Bitter cold weather is taking a toll on Portland’s fishing industry, and restaurants as well

Because of the weather, fishermen can’t take advantage of the higher demand for their catch. “I think a lot of guys want to go fishing because the market’s very good right now. There’s been a very high demand and low supply, but a lot of guys just don’t want to leave based on the condition of the harbor, because once you get out, there’s a very good chance, you come back, it’s still going to be frozen over. You’ve got a fiberglass hull fishing boat, it’s kind of dangerous,” said Bert Jongerden with the Portland Fish Exchange. Read the rest here 12:42

Groundfishing aground? The rise and fall of Maine’s offshore fishing industry – Lobster catch keeps going up, up, up

“I was here from 1989-1996, when we opened up at 4 a.m. and sometimes ran until midnight,” says General Manager Bert Jongerden,,, Now, Portland is a distant third behind New Bedford and Gloucester. The reasons are many, but Jongerden says the Portland Fish Exchange’s fortunes very much have mirrored the rise and fall of New England’s offshore fishing industry over the past 30 years. Read the rest here 11:32