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Eat prawns over Easter? They might’ve been contaminated, Brisbane prawn catches at risk from airport chemical spill

Prawns eaten over the Easter long weekend were most likely contaminated by last week’s toxic spill, Brisbane’s commercial fishers have warned. At least 300kg of prawns were caught from the contaminated zone of the Brisbane River and sold on to local residents over Easter because local fishers were not warned against it. State Environment Minister Steven Miles yesterday wrote to the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester seeking immediate enforcement action to be taken against those responsible for the chemical spill and for the responsible party to “remediate and compensate for any harm caused”. The Queensland Seafood Industry Association received advice from Fisheries Queensland only on Tuesday – a week after the spill – to stop selling seafood caught within the contaminated zone. Local commercial fisher Michael Wilkinson said the advice was “too little, too late” after the State Government initially said the contaminated area did not affect commercial fishing zones. “It makes me sick to my stomach that I sold contaminated food to somebody unbeknown to me,” he said.  click to read the story 16:58

Brisbane prawn catches at risk from airport chemical spillclick here to read the story.

Brains vs prawn: the trawlers who put the shrimps on our barbies

ON A BALMY moonless night, prawn fisherman Kim Justice, 61, pilots the Coral J from Wallaroo to the night’s fishing grounds in Spencer Gulf. As the crew readies the boat, floodlights from other trawlers in the fleet twinkle brightly on the water. Dolphins cavort in the sea as squadrons of seagulls fly doggedly alongside the boat, waiting and hoping for a feed. When the official 8.30pm start time ticks over, the skipper signals go and the crew cast their prawn nets into the darkened water. Silently, the two funnel shaped nets,,, Read the rest here 08:32