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Rick Baumann writes, Is seismic testing, drilling for oil necessary?

From the letter:  i.e. – our commercial fishermen have been and are being heavily regulated right now by the Precautionary Principle because conservative lawmakers won’t fund real time quantification of those resources. The “best available science” is way out of date – so precautionary regulations were put in place to protect the resources – even though little or no real time science existed to justify them. Why shouldn’t the same principle be applied when it comes to Atlantic drilling? Read more here 09:05

Better Science Means More Fish

States should apply the precautionary approach widely to conservation, management and exploitation of living aquatic resources in order to protect them and preserve the aquatic environment. The absence of adequate scientific information should not be used as a reason for postponing or failing to take conservation and management measures (from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries).”  Or in fewer words, if you aren’t completely sure of the outcome, don’t take an action. It’s called the “precautionary principle”,,,Read more here onlinefisherman.com 14:16