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Gulf of Mexico shrimp landings low, prices up

louisiana shrimpShrimp landings in the Gulf of Mexico are running lower than usual, but prices are up, according to the latest data issued by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). U.S. shrimpers caught 11.2 million lbs. of shrimp in September 2016, the lowest September total since 2008 and 3.5 million fewer lbs. than was caught last September. The total is nearly 18 percent off the 14-year historical catch average of 13.6 million lbs. Landings in the U.S. states of Texas and Alabama both fell markedly, while Louisiana’s catch was around its historical average for September. Texan shrimpers caught 4.3 million lbs. of shrimp in September, Read the rest here 11:43

Newfoundland and Labrador – Quotas down but prices up for 2016 crab fishing season

2012-04-11-08-08-12-DSCF0715%20%205%20X%207For 2016 the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for the Region is 43,802 tonnes, an overall quota level decrease of approximately 13 percent from last year. However, incomes from crab fishing should be as good, or better, than last year, thanks to an increase in prices. This year the average price for crab is $3 a pound. “It’s the best price in 10 years, and 50 cents better than last year,” says Robert Feenan, project manager for the Fish Food and Allied Workers. A couple of factors are playing into this year’s price,,, Read the article, Click here 10:36

With Maryland crabs scarcer than usual, prices from Louisiana and Carolina rise

blue_crabThough locally caught crabs are rarely plentiful this time of year, a scarcity of mature Maryland crabs has been driving up prices for all sources of crabs for Maryland restaurants, say many in the industry.”We’ve got a really slow start in Maryland,” said Davis. There were fewer crabs to harvest at the start of the season in April, she said, because last winter’s bitter cold killed a lot of the adult crustaceans that slumbered on the bottom in Maryland waters. The annual winter survey of the crab population found,,, Video, Read the rest here 11:58

Louisiana shrimp harvest slightly down in 2014, and prices up

Consumers, however, should expect some relief later in the spring, when shrimp landings are typically much higher.  Larger Gulf shrimp — 15 or less shrimp per pound — sold for about $9.25 per pound in February, compared to $6.45 in the same month last year and $6.60 in February 2012, according to the federal data.  The price is also higher for smaller shrimp — 41 to 50 shrimp per pound. That shrimp sold at about $3.70 per pound in the Gulf in February, compared to $2.35 last year and $2.30 in February 2012. Read more here  07:41

Nova Scotia Lobster season off to rough start, weather delays – Prices up!

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Nova Scotia fishermen who take part in the world’s biggest lobster season have been delayed by wind and hampered by storms. “Somebody has to speak with Mother Nature. She is not doing us any favours,” said lobster fisherman Stewart Lamont. [email protected] 09:39

Demand, Prices Up for Succulent Yukon River Chums

Autumn has set in on Alaska’s Lower Yukon River, where the fall harvest of those oil-rich Yukon chum salmon is in progress, a fishery that feeds the regional economy with seafood sales in markets domestic and European. After a robust harvest of summer chum, enhanced by an innovative dip net fishery, the Yupik Eskimo harvesters who deliver to Kwik’Pak Fisheries, a subsidiary of the Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association, were waiting out a lull, ready to begin harvesting more fall Yukon River chum salmon for markets awaiting Kwik’Pak’s fillets, gourmet smoked products and more. [email protected]  17:07