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Feeding the data gluttons

I see the Ministry for Primary Industries is claiming it needs GPS tracking and cameras on commercial fishing boats to better monitor the fisheries and make better and more timely decisions. I say this is rubbish as we already give them tow by tow GPS coordinates and catch estimates in the trawl fishery and they do not use this information now. As for timely management decisions, well that’s a joke. Our elephant quota has been out of balance with catches for over 20 years. I spend more time avoiding fish than I do catching it. click here to read the letter 14:30

New Zealand: MPI agree to meet Southland fishermen over electronic monitoring regulations

Ministry for Primary Industries staff have agreed to front up to Southland fishermen who have questions about new monitoring and reporting regulations. From October 6, new measures will be rolled in to ensure that all commercial fishing boats are fitted with both GPS equipment and cameras, to improve monitoring of catch levels and to help prevent any illegal activity. More than 100 fishermen, from throughout Southland, met at the Ascot Park Hotel in Invercargill last week to discuss the implications of the ministry’s new Integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting System (IEMRS). Many in the commercial fishing industry were frustrated at the fact the new rules had been decided on without proper consultation or thought to their consequences.  click here to read the story 09:43

Letter: Government fishing vessel monitoring plans are demanding rubbish

I see Nathan Guy is claiming the new electronic system for monitoring fishing vessels is the biggest change since the introduction of the commercial fishing quota system. I believe he has no knowledge of the history of his portfolio. Instead of writing paper reports we will do them electronically. Whoopee. Someone needs to tell him that this is being done in some form or another on most boats, along with AIS tracking on most company boats, although MPI probably doesn’t have access to a lot of it. It is only the smaller boats, that have the least impact, that don’t – as most can’t afford it. We already work under the most onerous system in New Zealand and probably the world. The extra detail being included is ridiculous and in some cases unworkable on a small boat. click here to read the letter 15:39

Marlborough Sounds scallop closure divides industry

1468298513499A ban of scallop fishing in the Marlborough Sounds, and parts of Tasman Bay, three days before the start of the season, has split the industry, with commercial groups looking at legal options to challenge the ruling. Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy announced on Tuesday a total ban on all scalloping by commercial and recreational fishers in the southern scallop fishery area (SCA7). The ban included all of the Marlborough Sounds, and the north eastern part of Tasman Bay, between Okuri Point and Peppin Island, from Friday until February 14 next year. Marlborough Recreational Fishers Association president Peter Watson said the closure was in the best interests of the fishery. Challenger Scallop Enhancement Company Ltd chief executive John Reid said the ban was not supported by commercial scallopers. Read the rest here 09:54 Ban aims to save Marlborough Sounds scallops Read the rest here  10:02