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Salmon canning jobs dwindling as consumer tastes change, says Canfisco

B.C. cannery workers are urging Ottawa to save their dwindling jobs and restore the traditional West Coast industry by protecting fish processing jobs. “I’m not a man that begs. But I’m asking you. Keep this community alive.” said Arnie Nagy, cannery union president of the Local 31 Shoreworkers. Nagy joined a conference call with a Fisheries and Oceans Canada standing committee in Ottawa Tuesday to call for fish processing to be protected and kept in local B.C. communities like Prince Rupert where 500 Canfisco jobs were recently lost.,, Rob Morley, Canfisco president, says they are fighting a losing battle. “Consumers don’t want fish in a can. They want it fresh. That is why the Prince Rupert plant closed.” “We’re doing this because the demand for canning is declining. That’s the least efficient operation we have. We sell [fish] fresh because that’s what the consumers want,” said Morley. Read the rest here 22:09

Prince Rupert Reacts to Job Losses at CANFISCO

canfisco%20(1)“A slap in the face” That’s what union executives are calling the cuts to the salmon canning industry in Prince Rupert. The union representing says it will be fighting Canfisco’s decision to end operations at its Oceanside plant. A dark day for workers in the salmon canning industry — as they receive news that they’ll soon be without a job. Executives of the union representing fishermen and allied workers met with its members today to explain details surrounding the imminent closure to salmon canning operations at Canfisco’s oceanside plant. Read the rest here 10:47

Canfisco cannery closing operations in Prince Rupert

In another blow to fisheries on B.C.’s north coast, Canfisco says it will cease canning operations in Prince Rupert. More than 500 jobs could be lost at what was once the world’s largest cannery, with the falling demand for canned salmon blamed for the company’s decision. “We’re moving more to fresh and frozen products,” Rob Morley, vice president of production and corporate development for Canfisco told CBC News. Read the rest here 13:35