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Hispanic man wins $1.85M judgment over racial abuse while crewing on an Alaska fishing vessel in 2011

A Hispanic man who worked aboard an Alaska fishing vessel has won a $1.85 million settlement against his former employer, Seattle-based Alaska Longline, after being subjected to relentless racial harassment and dangerous working conditions, his attorneys said. Francisco Miranda, 37, and other Hispanic crew members were called “dirty Mexicans” and other racial epithets by the former captain and first mate of the Ocean Prowler in 2011, according to a stipulated judgment in the case. The captain also treated Hispanic crew members differently from those who were white and made comments like, “They should all swim back to Mexico,” the judgment says. A white crew member confirmed the allegations, testifying in a declaration that the captain was “racist towards the Mexican people on the boat …”, according to the judgment. continue reading the story here 09:17

Prowler Fisheries, aka Alaska Longline Company will move offices to Seattle – Site the high cost of Affordable Care Act in Alaska

The Petersburg offices of  will be moved to Seattle by April 1. Larry Cotter—CEO of APICDA, of which Alaska Longline is a subsidiary—said that juggling two offices along with high health insurance costs are the driving forces behind the consolidation of offices in Seattle. He said other businesses in Alaska are likely to face similar challenges as the Affordable Care Act regulations come into play this year. Read the rest here 15:43

Prowler Fisheries Ready to Christen New Freezer Longliner

Arctic-Prowler-to-be-Christened-at-Alaska-Ship-and-DrydockProwler Fisheries, an Alaska freezer longliner company, will christen its newest freezer longliner vessel, the F/V Arctic Prowler, in ceremonies Oct. 5 at the Ketchikan Shipyard in Ketchikan, AK. [email protected]   [email protected] Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation  16:10