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Paul Davis raising questions about sale of Quin-Sea Fisheries and CETA

Opposition Leader Paul Davis is raising questions about the pending sale of one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest seafood companies to a firm wholly. It was revealed last month that a company called Royal Greenland has reached an agreement to purchase Quin-Sea Fisheries Ltd. In a news release issued on New Year’s Eve, PC leader and former premier Paul Davis said he has written the licensing board, urging it to consider a number of questions, including the possibility that a foreign company may gain control of Canadian seafood quotas. Read the article here 16:35

Danish company poised to take majority ownership in Quin-Sea Fisheries

One of Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest seafood processing companies is about to undergo a change in ownership, with Royal Greenland of Denmark poised to buy a majority ownership in Quin-Sea Fisheries Limited. Details of the purchase have not been disclosed, and the deal is contingent on the approval of the provincial government. Quin-Sea spokesman Gabe Gregory says it is a positive development for the industry, since Royal Greenland is a very large company with access to an extensive marketing and sales network in Europe and Asia. Read the article here 12:22