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Graying of Alaska’s Fishing Fleet Puts Key Industry in Peril

Once known for its young guns, Alaska’s commercial fishing fleet is now full of graybeards. The average Alaska fisher is now older than 50, according to the University of Alaska’s Sea Grant program. That is a big change from 1975, when fishers under 40 held half of commercial fishing permits in rural Alaska.,,, At the heart of the problem, experts have concluded, is “rationalization,” the system that has transformed Alaska fisheries from an open-access free-for-all into tightly managed harvests governed by quota shares and “limited-entry” permits that must be inherited or purchased – with prices that can soar well above $100,000. >click to read< 09:00

Gulf Grouper Group Gropes for Stable Sustainable Quota

GSI-LogoMadera Beach is home to some of the whitest sand along the Gulf Coast.  It is also home to some of the best fishing, both recreational and commercial, especially Gulf Grouper. Read more here  12:48