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Editorial: Drowning in regulations

no_bullshit_hardhat_sticker-r292a06754eb14e5d84d299ecaac82d10_v9waf_8byvr_512President Obama is poised to designate two large areas off the New England coast as national marine “monuments,” to the delight of conservationists who seem much more interested in protecting the ocean than they are in protecting people. Gov. Charlie Baker has written to President Obama to express concern about the impact on the region’s fishermen if the federal government turns part of the New England coastline into a sort of undersea museum — one that only scientists are likely ever to lay eyes on. Baker in his letter raises reasonable concerns about the process — or lack thereof — that led to this point. Read the rest here 12:00

NAFO urged to protect deep sea species – Environmentalists working to mitigate damage done by bottom trawling

“We want NAFO to mitigate the effects of bottom trawling and protect areas with coral and sponges,” said Susanna Fuller, marine conservation co-ordinator with Halifax’s Ecology Action Centre, in an interview Friday. Fuller, who is also treasurer of the 70-member Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, plans to be an observer at the 36th annual meeting of the organization that runs Monday through Friday in Vigo, Spain. Read the rest here 14:37

Follow that Oil Money Fueling Green Groups That Have Infiltrated The Agency’s That Regulate You To Death

Meet the conservation cash cartel of the uber-rich: the Environmental Grantmakers Association, This is the same EGA that emerged during the Senate confirmation hearings for Rhea Sun Suh, the Interior Department’s new head of national parks and the Fish and Wildlife Service — a veteran EGA member who invited colleagues to come visit her any time. <Read more here> 20:31

Environmental NGOs in question – A reminder of who the fishing industry (worldwide) is up against these days

supereco manA reminder of who the fishing industry (worldwide) is up against these days – it used to be fishermen and the weather – now the industry fights on all fronts. “The role of NGOs is often debate whether at their field operations and their results, their funding or their questionable networks (dealings with multinationals),,, Read more here 08:53

The Red Snapper War – Gulf states fight back as feds seek to reel in recreational fishing season

Gulf Coast charter captains say the feds are ruining their businesses by needlessly cutting their fishing season in response to complaints from commercial fishermen, and now their state lawmakers are stepping up to tackle the issue. “Environmental organizations, who have infiltrated our federal government — they are hell-bent on reducing the fleet of fisherman,” Zales said. Read more here 16:58

Nils Stolpe: Atlantic herring – lots of smoke but where’s the fire? – Click Here

Peter Shelley is a lawyer who works for the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF). Apparently among his duties is providing entries to the CLF website “Talking Fish.”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the groundfish debacle in New England, Mr. Shelley and the CLF, utilizing the court system and a whole bunch of money (according to their IRS Form 990 filed in 2011- the last year available on the Guidestar website – total CLF revenue was $5,800,000, up $1,250,000 from the year before), have been playing a pivotal role in the groundfish fishery management program via the management process and the courts since before it was a debacle. Evidently the groundfish fishery wasn’t enough to fill Mr. Shelley’s plate so he has been involved in Atlantic (sea) herring management as well. Read more here 14:34

Regional Fishery Management Council Coordination Committee debones Oceana bycatch report – Calls for Detraction

After an exhaustive analysis of the report, the Councils found “a variety of substantial errors, omissions, and organizational approaches” in the Oceana report that “may seriously miscommunicate bycatch information.” The Councils have recommended that Oceana retract the report “until [they] have the time and/or resources to develop a better understanding of the data summarized in the report.” Read more here 20:32

The corporate take-over of fisheries policy making

In the past couple of years a number of international conferences and gatherings of key policy makers, corporate representatives and international NGOs have taken huge strides in setting the global agenda in fisheries policy. A worrying pattern has begun to emerge: the interests of small-scale fisheries peoples are consistently sidelined as representative organisations are rarely invited and, if so, are barely listened to. This article will run through some of the most recent events, and documents how a corporate take-over of fisheries policy is taking place. Read more here 13:55