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Rare blue and cream colored lobster caught off New Hampshire coast

Lobstermen catch thousands of the crustaceans every year, but every now and again a gem is found among the masses. On Monday, Rye, N.H., lobsterman Greg Ward caught a hard-shelled blue and cream colored lobster around 1 p.m. near the New Hampshire-Maine border. He originally thought he caught a rare albino lobster, but said he had rarely caught blue lobsters in his 32 years of commercial lobster fishing. “This one was not all the way white and not all the way blue,” Ward said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Usually, the stronger lobsters are usually the reddish brown color but this one still had a hard shell.” click here to read the story 10:51

Maine Can Kiss Cape Cod’s Ass With This “Rare” Blue Lobster!

calico-lobsterOh hey isn’t that cute, a blue lobster and they named it and everything. How amazing that only one in two million lobsters are blue like that, what a crazy story. Hey Maine, why don’t you suck on this one in 30 million calico lobster that’s here on The Cape. Read more here!  18:17

Brilliant blue lobster caught off Antigonish, N.S. by lobsterman Sheldon Trenholm

ns-li-blue-lobster-620A rare blue lobster was caught in waters near Antigonish on Friday. Sheldon Trenholm of South River, N.S. was the lucky lobsterman who caught the brilliant blue crustacean near Monks Head. He took a few pictures, showed a few friends and then he threw it back because the lobster was too small to keep. continued @ cbcnews