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Joe’s Lobster Mart Re-Opening Is A Travesty Of Justice – Real Cape Hippie

Real Cape HippieJoe’s Lobster Mart, the beleaguered fish market on the shores of the Cape Cod Canal, is reopening under new ownership. Scott Thayer, the long-time general manager of Joe’s Lobster Mart,…What an absolute crock of shit. I didn’t need to read one sentence of this article before my bullshit detector started ringing like the dinner bell at Honey Boo Boo’s house. Read the rest here  and more story’s here  10:14

Fishermen Are Going To Rename Dogfish (Sand Sharks) So We Will Eat Them – Hippies Top 5 Names! Can you beat them?

Real Cape HippieFeeney and his colleagues, along with the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance and the National Oceanic,,,Orrrr… maybe the reason for dogfish’s popularity in the UK might be the fact that they are used to eating grey meat that had all the flavor sucked out of it by boiling water? Or,,, Video, Read the rest here 16:30

Real Cape Hippie – We Now Harvest The Blood Of Half A Million Horseshoe Crabs A Year

Real Cape HippieMan I hope horseshoe crabs don’t watch Fox News. All of our bitching about how we are a socialist country now, how the government takes our hard earned money and redistributes it to the poor? That shit must sound kinda petty to a horseshoe crab. While Tea Party conservatives are railing about Obamaphones, somewhere there is a horseshoe crab screaming,,, Read the rest here 15:28


A great white shark attacked two kayakers off the Plymouth, Massachusetts, coast Wednesday evening at Manomet Point, authorities say. I am not one to say I told you so, BUT I TOLD YOU SO! It’s just a matter of time I said, and now it’s happened. It’s on now folks, the big net around the Cape to Boston, clubbing baby seals, all of it. Just call me Nostrahippie because I called this shit AGES AGO! Read the rest @ RealCapeHippie 21:06

Maine Can Kiss Cape Cod’s Ass With This “Rare” Blue Lobster!

calico-lobsterOh hey isn’t that cute, a blue lobster and they named it and everything. How amazing that only one in two million lobsters are blue like that, what a crazy story. Hey Maine, why don’t you suck on this one in 30 million calico lobster that’s here on The Cape. Read more here!  18:17