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Rep. Zeldin Statement in Opposition to Black Sea Bass Quota “Deal”

“This ‘deal’ is no victory for New York fishermen and is worse than status quo with other states receiving an increase. New York continues to roll over for the ASMFC while New York fishermen get screwed. I will not pull the wool over the eyes of hardworking New York fishermen and claim victory. Any deal on behalf of New York fishermen needs to place them on a level playing field with New Jersey and Connecticut, and this deal, cementing a quota cut for local fishermen in comparison to other states, is not equitable. I will not accept anything less than what New York fishermen, both recreational and commercial, deserve – parity.” >click to read<21:13

Federal agency to shut down 2014 amberjack fishing in the Gulf

nmfs_logoNOAA Fisheries NMFS announced Wednesday that the amberjack season in the Gulf will close at 12:01 a.m. Aug. 25 for both recreational and commercial anglers. According to the federal agency, harvest data indicate the 409,000-pound commercial and 889,000-pound recreational catch quotas will be met on Aug. 24. Read more here 11:24