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Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) Opposed to 55-square-mile closure area of Stellwagen Bank

Could a closure of Stellwagen possibly lead to other state closures in the future, if the “showroom environmentalists,” as Donofrio calls them, get their foot in the door? Will Buzzards Bay be next? Or Vineyard Sound? Area anglers and businesses supported by recreational fishing are strongly urged to attend on the 16th and oppose the closure. Read the rest here 10:21

Saving Striped Bass (It sounds so dramatic!)

By June, the fish will be racing through these waters on the way to coastal New England as part of their northern migration, a biological spectacle akin to the movement of salmon on the West Coast. But with the striped bass population in decline, competition for the prized catch has intensified between recreational and commercial fishermen, setting up a showdown over a fishery that generates, according to one study, several billion dollars a year. Read more here