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Pols Reeling Over Shortened Red Snapper Season

In the midst of the pressure cooker of a U.S. Senate race, it’s rare that political rivals agree on anything. But in Louisiana, red snapper fishing is having a rare unifying power for U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu and U.S. Rep Bill Cassidy. Over the last two days, the opponents in the fall election have spoken out against the great injustice that looms with the potential of the shortest red snapper fishing season ever recorded in the Bayou State. Read more here  09:45

Red Snapper season dubbed a success

Photos of grinning fishermen holding up sizable red snapper sprouted like bright flowers across social media this week as anglers showed off their catches during the three-day recreational snapper season last weekend.  Meanwhile, a commercial fishing season for red snapper began Monday, but Jimmy Hull, who owns Hull’s Seafood in Ormond Beach, said the commercial trip limit – 75 pounds gutted weight —  is so small that most commercial fishermen don’t make a special trip just to catch red snapper. “You can’t afford to fuel your boat up and go catch 75 pounds of red snapper and expect to come in and make any money,” Hull said. The commercial season will close once a total catch limit is met. [email protected]  10:38

South Atlantic Region FISHERY BULLETIN – Fishermen are reminded that the red snapper season in will not open in July 2013.

The opening of the commercial and recreational fishing seasons for red snapper will not occur in July 2013. info here