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Canada: Nature’s Past: Part 5 – Fisheries, Regulation, and Science

Canada’s fisheries have been subjects of controversy and sites of tension for over 200 years. On this episode, we speak with five leading historians of Canadian fisheries, including Dean Bavington, Stephen Bocking, Douglas Harris, Will Knight, and Liza Piper. The length is 73 minutes [email protected] 11:10

Regulation prohibits fishing for first-pulse kings on lower Yukon River

FAIRBANKS — There will be no question whether subsistence fishermen on the Yukon River will be able to fish for early-run king salmon this summer. In an attempt to rebuild what has been a dwindling chinook run in recent years, the Alaska Board of Fisheries adopted a new regulation last week that will prohibit king salmon fishing on the first big pulse of fish that hit the Yukon River in early June.  Read more