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F/V Merit Rescues Crew From Sunken Tug South of Narragansett Bay, Credits F/V Tradition for assist

Four crew members aboard a 55-foot tugboat towing a barge were rescued when it overturned south of Narragansett Bay Wednesday night said Coast Guard officials. Update: From Sid Smith, the skipper/ owner of F/V Merit:  There is a fishing boat in Pt Judith the F/V Tradition he passed the tug on his way in to Pt Judith. When he heard the call he was already tied to the dock. He threw his lines off and went out again to assist. It was blowing 40 to 60 easy. He called me and because he has ais gave me the td numbers which help point me the right way. I feel he deserves some credit. It helped a lot. Capt Arin William F/V Tradiion,  Thanks,  Sid Video Read the rest here  06:46 updated 11:26