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How Fisheries Contributed To The Independence Of The United States

Every Fourth of July, on the United States’ favorite cookout holiday, millions of Americans grill corn and barbecue hot dogs in celebration of the country’s independence. However, burgers and potato salad aren’t exactly representative of the way the Founding Fathers dined as they conspired to liberate the colonies from British rule. Thomas Jefferson adored French food, James Madison enjoyed ice cream, and George Washington loved seafood – especially American shad. While lore closely associates George Washington with a cherry tree, he was actually an avid fisherman. He enjoyed deep-sea fishing and devised his own tackle box. During his presidency, he would even use fishing trips to resolve disputes among cabinet members. 2 pages >click to read<18:01

“America’s Dunkirk” – The Roll of Mariners and Fishermen in the Battle of Brooklyn and Long Island, Ec Newellman

Last night I wrote a little story about the Battle of Brooklyn and Battle of Long Island during the Revolutionary War on another website and I just wanted to share my feelings about it here. The short story was on and about a battle that the American colonist did not win…especially when measured by what is usually won or lost in battles, land taken as seen upon a map…and for the most part, a good portion of NYC now laid in enemy control once again after the Battle of Brooklyn and Long Island for the British Empire. But we did win something, and that was due to an army regiment made up of mariners and fishermen from Marblehead Massachusetts who performed what a few historians have labeled as “America’s Dunkirk”….literally a sea based evacuation,,, Read the rest here 18:06