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Mashpee oyster farmer gets legal boost

Richard Cook, a Mashpee shellfisherman, has been fighting for three years with homeowners who have called his plans for a 1.9-acre oyster farm a nuisance and safety hazard. Cook has won local and state regulatory approval for his proposed farm but has been stymied by the lawsuits filed by homeowners. They also attempted to use a lobbying firm to put a provision into the state budget that would have killed the project. Read more here 08:11

Ocean Exploration: The drug for rich people. “There’s no doubt discovering things is an absolute drug in some ways.” Oil and Gas, anyone?

Wealthy backers support scientific efforts to explore deep seas –A small but growing number of wealthy patrons, enamored of the possibilities of undersea exploration, are donating the use of ships, submersibles and other resources to support missions that might otherwise be unaffordable…“I wanted to be sure to fund this enough so that they would have the people and resources to absorb this stuff, describe it and publish it, to have it available” said Cameron, He is also an adviser for Woods Hole’s new Center for Marine Robotics, which aims to speed development of advanced ocean technologies through partnerships with private companies in fields such as oil and gas exploration.washingtonpost.com  continued