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S.C. Senator Stephen Goldfinch calls opposition to seismic blasting and offshore drilling a “vocal minority” of “environmental zealots.”

So, in the senator’s view, every municipality and county on the South Carolina coast has been coerced by a liberal brand of fanatics who have taken environmentalism to a new level, bordering on a religion. This is exactly what the senator has told me. In addition to every municipality above described, he has now defined the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce in the same fashion – and the Business Alliance to Protect the Atlantic Coast. Neither of these are environmental organizations – but they both have studied the facts and come out against seismic blasting and drilling. Many other organizations have done likewise: the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, the Mid Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, the New England Fisher,,,  click here to read the op-ed 08:50

Rick Baumann writes, Is seismic testing, drilling for oil necessary?

From the letter:  i.e. – our commercial fishermen have been and are being heavily regulated right now by the Precautionary Principle because conservative lawmakers won’t fund real time quantification of those resources. The “best available science” is way out of date – so precautionary regulations were put in place to protect the resources – even though little or no real time science existed to justify them. Why shouldn’t the same principle be applied when it comes to Atlantic drilling? Read more here 09:05