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Black sea bass gobbling up lobsters

Black sea bass, a saltwater fish taken commercially and recreationally in Massachusetts, have increased in number throughout southern New England waters and rattled the lobster industry with their wolfish appetites. “They feed aggressively,” Rutgers University marine biologist Olaf Jensen said. “They’re not picky eaters. If it’s the right size and it’s alive, they’ll eat it.” The young of New England’s iconic crustacean fall into the right size category. “Black sea bass love little lobsters,” Michael Armstrong, assistant director of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, said. That’s of deep concern to Beth Casoni, president of the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, who says lobster traps are being pillaged by these fish. >click to read<18:41

Rutgers University Seismic testing ends off the New Jersey Shore

Seismic testing that involved blasting the ocean floor off the New Jersey Shore with sound waves has been completed, and a lawsuit brought against it by fishing groups has been dismissed. Five fishing groups had sued to stop the research, led by Rutgers University and involving the National Science Foundation and the University of Texas, claiming it disturbs and possibly harms marine life such as dolphins, whales, turtles, and many fish species. Read the rest here 09:14

Christie administration sues to halt ocean-blasting research

The state attorney general’s office filed a complaint Friday in U.S. District Court arguing the federally funded seismic research project that began this week will harm fish and marine animals, as well as commercial fisheries and beachgoers just as the summer tourism season gears up.The National Science Foundation-funded research, being performed by Rutgers University, is aimed at helping the world’s coastal regions better protect themselves from disasters like Superstorm Sandy by mapping ocean sediment deposits dating back 60 million years to study how the shoreline has advanced and retreated in response to rising sea levels. Read the rest here 22:00

New Jersey Seismic-testing debate continues amid NOAA/NMFS approvals

A research project green-lighted to begin off the New Jersey coast this summer is the source of concern for legislators and environmentalists who see the project’s use of seismic testing as a potential threat to marine life and the commercial fishing industry. “It was a bad idea for the NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] to allow for seismic testing off the Jersey Shore last year, and it’s a bad idea this year,” Read the rest here 07:31

Seismic testing off NJ coast close to start despite opposition

A Rutgers University professor is going full speed ahead with a seismic study of the ocean floor, despite flags raised by oppositional legislatures, a state agency and environmentalists. Legislatures went above him Friday and appealed to Rutgers University President Robert Barch urging him to stop the study that could begin in June. “I don’t understand the rancor that has developed. I’m doing basic research of sea level history. We’re trying to preserve our coastline by understanding how it behaves during sea level rise,” Mountain said. Read the rest here 09:27

Fish Distribution: Warmer waters shake up Shore fishing

“Marine fish are very sensitive to a change in temperature — they can only survive in a narrow range, so they are seeking out cooler waters toward the poles and deeper in the ocean,” he said. “And deeper generally means farther from shore.” As the species shift north, fishing industries are hampered in making adjustments because federal fishing quotas that determine how much of each species can be caught are based on decades-old data. “The regulations are based on the idea that fish distributions are static. Read the rest here 11:06

Rutgers lab churning out baby horseshoe crabs

It’s part of an effort to replenish the population of horseshoe crabs, which is under pressure from habitat loss, commercial fishing that uses them as bait for whelk and eels (New Jersey prohibits harvesting them but neighboring Delaware does not), pollution and poachers. Read the rest here 15:50

Seismic Blasting Off Jersey Shore Postponed Until Next Year

“It is a victory for marine life this summer, and for the state of New Jersey and thousands of citizens that have rallied to their defense,” Zipf said. “The coastal economy won’t be a victim of Rutgers’ seismic blasting off our coast…this year.” <Read more here> 09:15

UPDATED: Court Rules Seismic Blasting off Ocean County Can Move Forward

The state’s commercial fishing industry, boating industry and environmentalists all strongly came out against the seismic blast testing, which will involve air gun blasts 11,500 feet underground that will reach sounds of 250 or more decibels and occur every five seconds, 24 hours a day, for a month. Read more here  18:00

Injunction to stop offshore Rutgers study denied

A federal judge has denied a request by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for an injunction to stop an offshore sea level study, the Associated Press is reporting.  The state said it was not granted an adequate opportunity to evaluate the plan, but earlier today Judge Peter Sheridan on disagreed. Sheridan said he would order the blasts to stop for one day if the state notifies him that it intends to appeal. Read more here 16:13

New Jersey asks judge to block ocean blasting plan

BARNEGAT LIGHT, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey environmental officials went to federal court Thursday trying to block a federally approved research plan that involved blasting the ocean floor off New Jersey with loud sound waves. Read more here 20:54

Watchdog groups fear seismic testing ‘assault’

MIDDLETOWN — Dozens of area advocacy groups and officials are seeking to delay a seismic testing program they say could have drastic impacts along the Jersey Shore. “Every day, 24/7, for 30 days in a very concentrated area off the Jersey Shore. … It’s pretty clear there is going to be harm.” gmnews.com  Read more here  11:38

Groups oppose three universities and the National Science Foundation ocean blasting plan off N.J. coast

Environmental and fishing groups are opposing a plan by three universities and the National Science Foundation to carry out seismic blast tests on the ocean floor off the New Jersey coast this summer. The groups say the tests could harm or kill marine life including dolphins, whales and many types of fish. The National Marine Fisheries Service has,, Read more here  16:30