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Commentary: CCA, GOP to blame for proposed license change – “redefining a commercial fisherman.”

Imagine you hold a state license in your profession, say as a general contractor. Then you start a side business that takes off. Maybe it’s a restaurant or a consulting business. Soon, it accounts for more than half of your income. At the same time, your original business continues to thrive while providing a valuable service and an irreplaceable part the family income.,, Then the State of North Carolina comes knocking, demands to audit your financial records and informs you that since you no longer earn more than 50 percent of your income from your “licensed” profession, you are no longer a general contractor. >click here to read< 09:31

A Fisherman’s Life – Sammy Corbett

When you live and breathe fishing, it’s important to keep an ample supply of bait on hand. Time spent running to the store is time that could be spent on the water. Sammy Corbett found a simple fix to the problem. “I remember he used to live on Pelican Drive in Wrightsville Beach,” says childhood friend Robbie Wolf. “He drained his parents’ swimming pool and pumped salt water in so he could store live bait in it.” When you live and breathe fishing, you don’t let a little spell of bad weather stop you. “Me and him went trout fishing one day and we were about to freeze,” Wolf says. “He lit cans of Sterno and made a fire in the middle of the boat.” Those two stories sum up Sammy Corbett. He’s a fisherman. Period. He’s on the water every day, unless he has to go to a meeting. His expertise — and his reputation — led to an appointment three years ago as chairman of the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission. click here to read the story 08:58

Corbett tapped to chair Marine Fisheries Commission

For years, state officials asked Sammy Corbett to serve on the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission. And for years, Corbett said no. But eventually, he began to change his mind. So when the state came calling this year, Corbett finally said yes. Read the rest here 08:01