The History Of Dungeness Crab Season In San Francisco

Dungeness crab season is back and in full effect! After a lengthy ban on commercial fishing of the delectable little crustaceans in California, dungeness crab season got back underway this week and restored a cherished San Francisco tradition of chowing down locally caught crab for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Okay, so there’s a little toxic acid in their guts. The government says the crabs are safe to eat now To celebrate the return of this outrageously delicious seafood that it is outrageously hard to dig out of its shell, the Broke-Ass Fish, Game and Wildlife Commission looks back with fondness on the 170-year history of dungeness crab season in San Francisco. 1848 – CRAB FISHING TAKES OFFRead the rest here 14:09

Fishermen Who Fled Slavery in San Francisco Sue Boat Owner

Two Indonesian fishermen who escaped slavery aboard a Honolulu-based tuna and swordfish vessel when it docked at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf are suing the boat’s owner for tricking them into accepting dangerous jobs they say they weren’t allowed to leave. Attorneys for Abdul Fatah and Sorihin, who uses one name, say in a lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday that they were recruited in Indonesia seven years ago to work in Hawaii’s commercial fishing fleet without realizing they would never be allowed onshore. They have since been issued visas for victims of human trafficking and are living in the San Francisco area. The lawsuit alleges that San Jose, California, resident Thoai Nguyen, owner and captain of the Sea Queen II, forced Sorihin and Fatah to work up to 20-hour shifts, denied them medical treatment and demanded thousands of dollars if they wanted to leave before their contracts expired. Nguyen did not return calls seeking comment. Read the story here 15:05

More than a ton of illegal shark fins seized in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — Officials say over a ton of illegal shark fins was seized from a San Francisco business owner involved in challenging a shark fin ban late last month, prompting the group to drop its suit. Michael Kwong, 42, of San Francisco was found to be selling Read more@kgo.com  03:08

SAN FRANCISCO: Fishermen enjoy plentiful herring season -Video

Herring boats stretched across the Bay near the San Rafael Bridge Friday morning, the scene attracted thousands of birds and even some seals got into the act, diving and jumping to catch a fish. Watch @ktvu  18:07