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Pillar Point Fish buyer must move hoist

san mateoA fish buyer at Pillar Point has been ordered to remove a hoist at Johnson Pier installed in 2014 that critics said skirted coastal laws. Steve McGrath, the general manager at the San Mateo County Harbor District, sent a letter to Three Captains Sea Products last week ordering the company to remove the hoist by May 12. The hoist has been the center of considerable controversy as the company’s owner Larry Fortado filed a civil complaint against the district alleging Commissioner Sabrina Brennan worked on behalf of his competitors to keep him from using the hoist. Read the rest here 19:37

San Mateo County Harbor District board waives slip fees for crab fisherman – With a Hook!

dungenesscrabWith the closure of all commercial Dungeness crab fisheries statewide, the San Mateo County Harbor District board waived slip fees for its 39 permitted commercial crab fishermen who operate out of Pillar Point Harbor on the coast. The fishermen, however, would have to repay the waived fees if federal disaster relief becomes available. Commissioner Sabrina Brennan wanted to extend the fee waivers to recreational fisherman (Everyone gets a trophy?) as well and to extend it to three months rather than one. Read the article here 11:25

San Mateo County Harbor District defends itself: Board of Commissioners responds to civil grand jury report calling for dissolution

The district has come under strict public scrutiny after a stack of uncashed rent checks surfaced, commercial fishing industry representatives claims that they’re misrepresented and commissioners slinging insults in public forums.  Read more here  10:51

Harbor improvement grant lacks fishermen support: Frustration boiling over about Pillar Point Harbor control, district decision-making

While seeking funds to update one of the most productive commercial fishing ports in the state, the San Mateo County Harbor District is receiving pushback from a group of fishermen who say they no longer trust the district has their best intentions at heart. Read more here 16:55