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West Coast sardine fishery shutdown continues for 2nd year

pacific sardineWest coast sardine fishermen for a second straight season will have to keep their boats moored or find something else to catch. The Pacific Fishery Management Council on Sunday closed the sardine fishery off Oregon, California and Washington following the second straight year of sardine population estimates that fall below the minimum abundance required to allow fishing. There are fewer than 65,000 metric tons adult sardines in the ocean this year, federal scientists estimated. West coast fishery rules require sardine fishing to cease once the adult stock drops below 150,000 metric tons. Read the article here 11:58

Sardine ban looms as fishermen weigh disaster funds –

With the number of sardines along the Pacific coast plummeting, a commercial fishing ban looms on Monterey’s most iconic fish. “Our fishing is making the crash so much worse than it would have naturally been,” said Geoff Shester, California program director for the advocacy group Oceana. “This is unquestionably and unequivocally a result of overfishing.” “I’m sure Oceana will be banging the drum saying, ‘Oh no, the sky is falling, you can’t take one more fish,’” Diane Pleschner-Steele (CWPA) said. “They’re just so off the wall. They’re incredible.” Read the rest here 08:05

ODFW seeks new members for Fishery Permit Review Board

The permit review board evaluates limited entry permit denials made by ODFW and considers requests for permit transfers for the following commercial fisheries: sea urchin, roe herring, Columbia River gillnet salmon, ocean troll salmon, ocean shrimp/scallop, ocean crab, sardine, bay clam dive, brine shrimp, blue and black rockfish and nearshore fisheries. Read more here 16:17