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Sign the Petition and Tell Congress – SAVE OUR FISHERMEN – Author: Sandra Yates

tj_greg_mayhew_menemsha_apr222013_1a_02Over regulation and over-criminalizing America’s commercial fisheries is putting an industry out of business. Fishermen do not need to be treated as criminals. Fishing is CIVIL not CRIMINAL. These people just want to work and support their families like everyone else. They need help. Its a way of life being destroyed by bureaucracy and special interests groups, flawed data and plain ol fiction. Tell Congress to SAVE OUR FISHERMEN. Sign the Petition here 16:17

Sheldon commits to fight for local fishermen’s livelihoods

Count me in the Sheldon camp for the coming election (Mass 9th Congressional District= South Shore/Cape Cod).

His opponent, incumbent Bill Keating hasn’t done a thing to help the fishermen that are being hammered by big government over-regulation!

Sheldon in 9th promises attention to New Bedford | SouthCoastToday.com

He won’t forget our fishing industry either, and will carry on the work of Barney Frank and Sen. Scott Brown not to see our local fishermen’s livelihoods strangled by NOAA. In fact, Sheldon feels so committed to this that he promised recently on a WBSM talk show to put his main district office in New Bedford.

And then they came for the lobstermen…

Twenty years from now, after we teach our grandkids about the once great (and long gone) Northeast groundfish fisheries, will the next thing we say be something like “And then they came for the lobstermen”?

Marshfield, Ma

Will the lobster boat be going the way of the dinosaur soon?

According to the “NOAA Fisheries Implementation Plan of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries” 2012 document, the New England Lobster Fishery could be next in line for permit buybacks. The lobstermen may be next to be sacrificed for the greater global good of NOAA’s job destroying policies, which come directly from the UN, the UN’s FAO, and the NGO’s (Non Gov’t Organizations) that control the UN.