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Federal Register – SBA: Massachusetts Disaster #MA-00056 Declaration of Economic Injury

This is a notice of an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) declaration for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, dated 11/01/2013. Incident: Commercial Fishery Failure. Incident Period: 05/01/2013 through 04/30/2014. Effective Date: 11/01/2013. EIDL Loan Application Deadline Date: 08/01/2014.

The following areas have been determined to be adversely affected by the disaster:Show citation box Primary Counties: Essex, Plymouth. Contiguous Counties: Massachusetts: Barnstable, Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk. New Hampshire: Hillsborough, Rockingham. [email protected]  10:58

SBA OKs loans for fishermen

The SBA decision, which came at the request of gdt icon Gov. Deval Patrick and at the urging of the Massachusetts congressional delegation, sets up the first pipeline for federal financial assistance since the Secretary of Commerce declared the Northeast fishery a disaster in the fall of 2012. [email protected]  06:46

Fishing industry still reeling from Sandy [Asbury Park Press, N.J.]

“Now you can’t even get rid of them. Nobody’s buying male crabs,” Isaksen said. At the water’s edge, captain Michael Chanowich and dock worker David Tauro unloaded the co-op’s other post-Sandy mainstays: low-price skates and dogfish. “We cleaned up as best we can … but we don’t have the money to put this place back together,” Isaksen said. “When are we going to get some help? We called FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) but they said they can’t do anything for us.”  So far, the SBA loan program is not promising, said James Lovgren, a captain with the Fishermen’s Dock Cooperative in Point Pleasant Beach who looked into the loan program for his fishermen. http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/news/article.asp?docKey=600-201212060805KRTRIB__BUSNEWS_17736_5006-1&params=timestamp||12/06/2012%208:05%20AM%20ET||headline||Fishing%20industry%20still%20reeling%20from%20Sandy%20%5BAsbury%20Park%20Press%2C%20N.J.%5D||docSource||McClatchy-Tribune||provider||ACQUIREMEDIA||bridgesymbol||US;BAC&ticker=BAC