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FF & Wildlife Conservation Commission considers alternatives to closure of St. Joseph Bay scallop harvesting

Following a public meeting Wednesday the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is taking under consideration alternatives to closure of St. Joseph Bay to scallop harvesting. One emphasis is that the closure involves only closure to scallop harvesting; all other water activities would not be impacted. A spokeswoman with the FWC said this morning that staff and researchers were digesting the feedback from last night’s meeting and could make a decision on next steps within days. She emphasized that no final decision on closure of the bay has been made, though that remains the direction the FWC is leaning. “We wanted to try to get ahead of this and make the public aware of the situation,” she said. “We had a good discussion.” Read the rest here 12:00

This Week in Print – Did you know Charleston once produced scallops?

EP-151129873.jpg&Maxw=600&Q=90In 1978, Mount Pleasant was a sleepy little town, with very little to report on to include crime. So the article about a nine and ten year old being charged with attempted breaking and entering might bring quite a few chuckles. But the boys were caught on Easter Sunday, crowbar in hand, trying to pry open the vending machines at a Coleman Boulevard service station. An employee there caught them and detained them until the police got there. Police Chief Chuck Dawley told the Moultrie News that despite their age,,, Read the article here 10:48