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Maine’s scallop season looks strong, is over for 2015

mkThe 2014-15 Maine scallop fishing season is over and state fishery regulators say it appeared to be a good year for the beloved bivalve. The season began in December and wrapped up April 9 for dragger boats and April 11 for divers. Maine regulators say they won’t know the total haul until early 2016. They say December 2014 numbers indicate a strong season. The fleet landed 215,920 pounds of scallop meat in that month, up 16 percent from December 2013. To be updated. Read the rest here 12:26

Sources: Davis in deal for US scallop catcher Peabody Corp.

After being in talks to buy Oceans Fleet Fisheries and looking at Wanchese Fish Company, Jeff Davis and his private equity partners are reportedly set to buy a US scallop company at last. Davis is being named by sector sources as the prospective buyer for Peabody Corp., a scallop fishing firm based in Virginia with seven or eight vessels.,,Davis was looking at Suffolk, Virginia-based Wanchese, which Canadian salmon farming firm Cooke Aquaculture is reportedly set to buy, Cooke is also thought to be looking to acquire Carlos Rafael’s 13 New Bedford-based scallop vessels and move them to Virginia, as part of the deal. Read the rest here 09:07

Scallop fishermen argue against shortening season on Cobscook Bay

DENNYSVILLE, Maine — Patrick Keliher, Commissioner of the state Department of Marine Resources, came to listen to scallop fisherman on Tuesday afternoon. . Some of them gave him an earful. Leo Murray of Lubec called it “crazy.” Tracey Sawtelle of Lubec called it “baloney.” Read more here 12:12

MACHIAS, Maine – Despite two good scallop years, lean season predicted ahead

Scallop fisherman enjoyed a banner year in 2013, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources, but they are likely to have smaller catches next season because of conservation measures. Read more here 18:36

UMass Dartmouth plays integral part in booming scallop business

smastOur beloved scallop, the biggest and best in the world, is right off our coast, waiting to make our lives better. The scallop — or placopecten magellanicus — keeps New Bedford the most profitable fishing port in the United States. Those riches wash all over southeastern Massachusetts. Scallops grow on the sandy bottom of Georges Bank, a rise in the sea floor that runs from Maine to New Jersey. The bank starts 20 miles offshore and runs 200 miles out in the ocean. There was a moratorium on fishing for several species, including scallops, after stocks plummeted on Georges Bank in the late 1990s. By 2000, fishermen believed scallops had made a comeback, so they enlisted UMass Dartmouth for help. READ [email protected]  02:13

Maine: Scallop conservation measures paying off with record average statewide price in 2012

Patrick Keliher, head of DMR, said in the same statement that the new management approach has been “challenging,” but gave credit to fishermen for making it work. “Their commitment to make necessary sacrifices and to work with us is now paying off,” Keliher said. [email protected]  19:37