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The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council – Scoping Hearings for Action on Unmanaged Forage Species

MAFMC SidebarThe Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council has scheduled a series of scoping hearings to gather public input for a proposed action to protect unmanaged forage species. The proposed action would consider a prohibition on the development of new, or expansion of existing, directed fisheries on unmanaged forage species in the Mid-Atlantic until adequate scientific information is available to promote ecosystem sustainability. Eight hearings will be held between September 15, 2015 and October 1, 2015 in locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Written comments may also be submitted through October 2, 2015.   Dates and locations   Read the rest here 16:16

MAFMC to Hold Scoping Hearings for Squid Capacity Amendment: April 6 – 21, 2015

MAFMC SidebarThe amendment would likely consider a variety of approaches for reducing capacity in the squid fisheries, such as a requalification of permits, a tiered limited access system, and/or individual fishing quotas (also known as “catch shares”). If the Council decides to move forward with an amendment, a range of alternatives would be developed for analysis and additional public comment. Meetings and dates here 13:49