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Endeavour V – Latest And Largest Macduff Build

The first trawler to be built at Macduff for skipper Peter Lovie, Endeavour V, is the latest instalment in a relationship that goes back 35 years – and the yard’s largest newbuild to date. The design and build process behind the 34 metre LOA, 10.50 metre breadth Endeavour V began in 2017 when the owners approached the yard, looking to improve fuel efficiency, service speed and sea keeping compared to their existing vessel. photos, >click to read< 11:02

Video: RNLI Peterhead rescue of fishing boat just seconds away from crashing on to rocks

The alarm was raised at 4.30pm when one fishing vessel was towing another into Peterhead Harbour and the tow broke due to stormy conditions. The video, from RNLI Peterhead, shows the heroic effort by volunteers to rescue the vessel that was just seconds away from crashing. The vessel was dangerously close to crashing into the rocks at Peterhead South Breakwater and due to an easterly gale and significant swell combined with a backwash. photos, >click to read< 07:27

Scots fisherman who spent almost £1m on new boat told he can’t export his catch

A fisherman who spent almost £1million on a new boat has told how he can’t export his catch due to Brexit delays. Alistair Roberts spent two years having the trawler, named Guide Them, built to add to his River Clyde fleet, which catches scallops and prawns to sell in Europe. But the 64-year-old says three weeks after the vessel went to sea, export hold-ups caused by post-Brexit regulations mean he can’t get his produce out of the UK. >click to read< 08:05

Post-Brexit trade: Fish prices ‘collapsing’ in Scotland as red tape hits UK exports to EU

Post-Brexit red tape is causing some UK exports to the EU to grind to a halt, industry bodies have warned, as the new rules that came into force at New Year begin to bite. One fish exporter said on Monday that prices were “collapsing” in the Scottish port of Peterhead, amid reports that seafood prices fell by as much as 80% due to “export blockages”. >click to read< 08:55

The war over scallops and the future of sustainable fishing in Scotland

Just sixty tonnes of the species were landed at Scottish ports in 1960. In 2019 the equivalent figure topped 15,000 tonnes, down 2% from 2018 but still worth nearly £36m. The boom, however, has sparked a sometimes bitter clash between enviros and the fishing industry over how scallops, which grow on the seabed, are harvested. Diver-fishermen and campaigners say dredgers are effectively ploughing through delicate marine environments to create a scallop monoculture off the Scottish coast. >click to read< 08:30

Monkfish Price Tumble in Scotland Shows Pain of French Shutdown

At the Peterhead fishing port in Scotland, prices for haddock and monkfish were inverted on Monday, skewed by a closed border with France and a ticking clock that threatened to render some of its catch worthless. The price gyrations mark the latest setback for the U.K. fishing industry,  With French borders closed since Sunday, thousands of pounds of seafood could be left to rot in lorries that would normally speed through the Port of Dover to Europe. “This is the most important sales week of the year and it’s been caught up in a hurricane,” said Jimmy Buchan, chief executive officer of the Scottish Seafood Association. “We’ve got Brexit, we’ve got Covid and now on the back of Covid we’ve got this further restriction.” >click to read< 10:34

A dramatic early morning rescue operation mounted as Fife fishing boat hits the rocks

Volunteer RNLI crews from Anstruther were able to rescue two men from the Carisma before she was wrecked after hitting the rocky shore near Pittemweem shortly after 6:15am. The loss of the vessel is a massive blow to her owner and skipper Kirk Doig, who launched Carisma Seafoods in August when the Covid-10 pandemic ended most demand from fish markets as the country felt the full impact of lockdown on the hospitality industry. >click to read< 15:55

Son of overboard fisherman John McTaggart vows to keep working at sea to ‘make him proud’

Last night his wife Catherine, 39, and four children Caitlin, 21, Chelsea, 18, Craig, 16, and Carly, 10, paid tribute to the fisherman of 28 years. They said he had just become a grandfather for the first time with the birth of little Kayson in May. Young Craig, who recently celebrated his 16th birthday out at sea with his dad, had only started working in the fishing industry alongside his father in the past few months. But despite the tragedy which has “devastated” his family, the teenager said he will do all he can to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue the family trade of working at sea – and he hopes to do so aboard the Acorn. photos, >click to read< 16:47

Tributes paid to popular Scots fisherman who died after falling overboard into the North Sea

Tributes have been paid to a popular Scots fisherman who tragically died after falling overboard into the North Sea. The 45-year-old, who has been named locally as John Mctaggart, fell into the water shortly before 2am on Tuesday around four miles off the Stonehaven coast. A massive search and rescue operation was launched to try and save the stricken sailor, who has been described as an ‘amazing man’. >photos, click to read< 18:26

Two fishermen rescued from Westray creel boat

Kirkwall RNLI came to the aid of a stricken fishing vessel aground on rocks off Westray on Friday. Two people were onboard the Kirkwall-registered creel boat Kingfisher. Kirkwall’s volunteer lifeboat crew arrived on the scene at 10.50am to find the vessel hard aground on a shelf of rock. They were assisted by two other vessels along with the Westray Coastguard team on the cliff top. >click to read< 10:31

John C. Gowie, a distant water skipper and fishing journalist has passed away

John C. Gowie, the former technical editor of Scottish Fishing Weekly, sadly passed away recently. A former fisherman from Aberdeen, his love of fishing and everything related to the industry always shone through, as did his compassion and wonderful sense of humour. After retiring from sea, he became Scottish Fishing Weekly’s technical editor in 1989. Based in Aberdeen, John covered a wide range within his work.  As well as boat reviews and general reporting from the East Coast, he wrote the popular ‘Gearbox’ column, where he looked at technical issues facing the successful operation of a fishing vessel. ‘John lived and breathed the fishing industry and was very proud to have served and contributed on all levels. He and his wife Sheila had five children, 16 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. >click to read< 19:06

Spanish F/V Pesorsa Dos detained in Irish waters and escorted to Killybegs

The F/V Pesorsa Dos was detained by the Irish Naval Service for alleged breaches to fishing regulations in Irish waters around 25 miles off Malin Head on Friday. She arrived at Killybegs on Tuesday morning after it had taken a few days to recover all of her gear. The Spanish owned gill-netter stands accused of attempting to foul the propeller of the local trawler F/V  Alison Kay at the end of June during a confrontation 30 miles to the west of Shetland. At the time fishermen shared a number of video clips showing the incident,,, >click to read< 15:50

With demands for an investigation, Skipper describes how local boats are pushed out of fishing grounds>click to read<

Scotland: Deep concern over failure to use PFD’s after fishing industry deaths

A safety warning has been issued to the fishing industry about the mandatory wearing of lifejackets (PFD’s) as concerns grow about deaths caused by not wearing them, despite moves to supply them free to Scottish boats. New figures show that six of the 12 fishermen who have died at sea in 2018 and 2019 were not wearing lifejackets,,  The MAIB has said deaths in the water from those not wearing PFD was of “great concern” and said that “embedding behavioural change” could half the fatality rate in the fishing industry. It comes a year after the end of a scheme to supply PFDs to fishermen on Scottish-registered boats, with the intention of increasing the usage of a flotation garment while working on the open deck. Some 3,500 personal flotation devices (PFDs) were supplied,,, >click to read< 08:55

Scotland: North-east fishermen start selling direct to find new markets in lockdown

Fishermen across the north-east have resorted to selling catches directly off the boat instead of markets to try to make ends meet during the coronavirus lockdown. Orders from restaurants and hotels have plummeted,,,Instead, crews have turned to advertising catches on social media to drum up trade online among local residents to fill up the order book. Macduff-based Salt Water Seafood has been coordinating landings in the town’s harbour as well as from five vessels operating out of Peterhead and Fraserburgh. >click to read< 12:35

With demands for an investigation, Skipper describes how local boats are pushed out of fishing grounds

James Anderson said the 27 metre long German-registered fishing boat Pesorsa Dos could have caused serious damage to the Alison Kay had she been successful in her alleged attempts of running a line through the Alison Kay’s propeller during an incident off the west coast of Shetland last week. Video footage of the confrontation was widely shared by fishermen on social media and picked up by a number of news organisations. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has been informed. Politicians and fishermen’s organisations have called for an investigation to be conducted. >click to read< 08:12

Fishermen post shocking video footage of ‘intolerable’ behaviour

Fishermen have described the conduct of Spanish gill-netters to the northwest of Shetland as “intolerable” after video footage was posted on social media showing a Spanish gill-netter allegedly attempting to run a rope through the propeller of a local whitefish trawler. This latest video evidence takes the ongoing skirmishes over access to fishing grounds to a new level and highlights why the local fishing industry is so keen to leave the European Union, and with it the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The battle between Spanish gill-netters and local trawler men has been ongoing for a long time with most local whitefish boats reporting over the years that they have been at the receiving end of attempts to drive them out of their traditional fishing grounds. >Video, click to read< 14:46

Lifeboat rescuer relives the dramatic seconds when, as fishing boat sank, he and the crew leapt into the sea

Standing on the stricken fishing vessel, 23 miles off the Shetland coast, the RNLI Lerwick volunteer watched as his colleagues on board the Michael & Jane Vernon lifeboat sped back toward him after being buffeted away from the 24m-long steel trawler. With only seconds to act and knowing the lifeboat would never reach them in time, Darren yelled at his crewmates to abandon ship as the Ocean Way shuddered and sank beneath their feet. But that was only half of the story.,, Dramatic footage of the Ocean Way crew being pulled from the water as their ship sank on March 3, 2017, was beamed worldwide as headlines praised the courage and quick-thinking of the The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) team. Now, Darren has recalled the daring rescue in a new book Surviving The Storms, published this week to raise funds for the RNLI. >click to read< 22:27

Unsung Heroes: Austie Bourke – The fight for survival

Murrisk Harbour, where Austie Bourke left in 1947 on a journey which saw him and two others lost at sea for three weeks before being miraciously found alive off the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Several people tried to break the news to Maria Bourke but she was having none of it. Her husband was surely dead, they tried to gently tell her. Lost at sea for three weeks, he could not have survived. It was past the stage for them of hoping he would be found alive and slimmer by the day were the chances of even finding a body. But nobody knew Austin ‘Austie’ Bourke like Maria and her faith in him was not founded in denial; rather it was rooted in her knowledge of him always returning to his beloved Murrisk during a lifetime of peril at sea. “No storm could beat my husband,” she insisted, 73 years ago this month. Maria Bourke was right. >click to read< 10:03

Want to start eating Scottish fish? Here are the best places to start

If Scotland really does have such fabulous seafood, why do ordinary citizens find it so hard to tap into this much eulogised catch? The problem has been that subsequent governments have fixated on international exports, not food for citizens.  Farmed salmon has been the apple of their eye, even though its production has proved, to my mind, to be an environmental catastrophe for our west coast. Premium shellfish, brown crab to China, scallops to Italy, langoustines to Spain, has also been despatched abroad as soon as it was landed.,,, Enter coronavirus. Restaurant orders stopped overnight, export chains broke down. But instead of tying up boats and facing financial ruin, some determined fishermen, operating smaller boats closer to shore, have started exploring local markets,,, >click to read< 12:10

Shetland fishermen against Brexit transition period extension

In the light of the Covid-19 crisis and the deep recession forecast for 2020, Liberal Democrats and the SNP have been lobbying for an additional delay before the UK leaves the EU. But Simon Collins, the SFA’s executive officer, said that as far as he could see there was “not much appetite within the government to extend”, and fishing was a special case anyway. “Whatever decisions are being made for other parts of the economy, for which we can’t speak, as far as fishing is concerned our stance is absolutely clear: we have every intention to push the government to deliver, at least for fishing, that we are an independent coastal state by the end of the year. >click to read< 15:46

Cod Crusader Carol Adams wants Scots to boycott French produce

She believes consumers should stop buying wine from France’s best grape-growing regions, Champagne and Camembert cheese because French retailers are turning their backs on Scottish fish. The row sparked when the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association (SWFPA) claimed French fishers had applied pressure “through political routes” to make sure France’s largest retailers only purchased their catch – including fish from Scottish waters – at auction. SWFPA chief executive Mike Park said: “The genesis of their actions is unclear but understood to be linked to poor returns for a quantity of French fish. “What is clear is the impact their actions will have for Scottish fishermen, with exports of fish to France now reduced to very low levels. >click to read< 17:18

David Duguid: Coronavirus putting “huge strain” on sector – There is no question that the Covid-19 crisis is putting huge strain on our seafood sector. Boats that should be out fishing are tied up in harbours across the north-east. >click to read< scroll down.

The Silent War on Fishing

The hustle and bustle of Peterhead’s harbour has quietened these last few weeks. Doors of businesses are locked and boats at berth have signs warning that no one will be permitted on board because of new safety measures. Its fish market continues to operate, however, in what is becoming a new normal. While it once welcomed tourists and eager locals alike, it now restricts access to only key workers in order to protect stakeholders. It’s a familiar story across all ports in Scotland. They are steps that have been introduced to help the country battle COVID-19, but it has had an inevitable impact on the market. >click to read< 08:07

Coronavirus: North-east fishing chiefs fear Holyrood funding package may not be enough to rescue ‘all’ of industry

More than 1,000 businesses dependent on fishing are now eligible for financial assistance. The scheme will help businesses operating a vessel larger than 12 meters, about 40ft, to land shellfish by providing capped payments of up to £21,370. Those operating more than one boat could be eligible for up to £42,740. Chief executive of Peterhead-based Scottish Seafood Association, Jimmy Buchan, said the processing sector welcomed measures to ensure it would still have catches to sell. He said: “I welcome the new funding and I hope it is enough to save all of the industry, and not just part of it. “Fishermen and processors play a significant role in feeding the nation, now even more so. We play an important part in keeping people healthy.” >click to read< 07:23

New Orkney state-of-the-art whitefish trawler arrives home

Orkney’s brand new state-of-the-art whitefish trawler, Aalskere, arrived in Kirkwall for the first time this morning.  The partners in the new Aalskere are Iain Harcus, his wife Elizabeth, John Harcus (Iain’s father) and the Don Fishing Company Peterhead. The new Aalskere was designed by Ove Kristensen from Vestvaerftet in Denmark, who oversaw the hull-building at the Stal-Rem S.A. yard in Poland. >click to read< 10:42

Coronavirus impacts the UK seafood supply chains – Selling fish directly to consumers.

Fishermen like those aboard the netter Stelissa, are trying to keep the UK supplied with fresh fish – you can help by going online to the FishOnFriday website and buying your fresh fish – in some cases – direct from the boat itself! We’ve created guides to explain what you need to do to meet the regulations. They also highlight the food safety requirements that apply. Guides for England and Scotland are available to download below, Further guidance for Northern Ireland and Wales will be added here shortly. >click to read< 07:57

Coronavirus is death knell for Scottish fishing industry

A full four-fifths of the fleet is currently tied up, estimates veteran Fraserburgh skipper Mark Robertson. Like businesses the world over, British fishing has collapsed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. “Sales have totally died a death. We’re not exporting anything. There is no market,” Robertson laments. In keeping with the wider UK fishing industry, the vast majority of his catch, upwards of 80%, is sold in Europe. As the continent awoke to the COVID-19 crisis and went into lockdown, demand for his product crashed. >click to read< 07:47

Scotland: Fishing industry faces a storm like no other

It may be well used to dark skies and rough waters, but never has Scotland’s fishing sector seen a storm like this one. As an industry it’s worth £316 million annually to the Scottish economy, but with export markets and the domestic restaurant trade collapsing due to the coronavirus outbreak, the potential losses have been described as ‘terrifying’ by industry representatives.,, With demand from the domestic restaurant trade and export markets falling away the fishing industry is facing a crisis that few could have predicted. >click to read< 09:03

Fishing boat runs aground on the Tyne – Updated: Towed to Safety

A fishing boat which ran aground heading out of the Tyne has had to wait for high tide to be rescued. UPDATE: Fishing boat stranded on the Tyne after running aground towed to safety>click to read< The Tynemouth RNLI lifeboats were launched early on Friday after a fishing vessel ran aground on the Black Middens, hazardous rocks inside the Tyne harbour. The skipper of the 20m, 163-tonne vessel radioed for assistance after experiencing a gearbox failure while sailing out of the harbour, leaving him unable to avoid the rocks. >click to read here< ,,, and >here< 11:26

Ropeless Fishing Gear: Scottish tests of ‘whale-friendly’ fishing creels

Fishing gear designed to protect whales from entanglement is being trialled off Scotland’s coast. Whales can become caught in rope that runs between shellfish creels on the seabed to a buoy on the surface. The new “ropeless creels” have this main line in a container along with a buoy and these are lowered to the seabed with the creels. >click to read<  08:10

Oban Lifeboat rescues grounded fishing boat, attempts refloating the vessel

The vessel, with two people on board, was well aground and listing heavily when the lifeboat was called out at 7.45pm earlier this week. Two lifeboat crew used the craft to reach the fishing boat in shallow water. With the tide still dropping, the decision was made to return later in the evening to attempt to refloat the vessel. The boat was secured and the two fishermen put ashore. The volunteer crew of Oban lifeboat re-assembled at the station at 12.30am on Christmas Eve. >click to read< 17:14