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Sea Squirt Invasion in Bay of Fundy being investigated

Biologists Benedikte Vercaemer and Dawn Sephton, with Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Aquatic Invasive Species program, are looking for creatures that can clog a harbour or shut down a business. The scientists have been gathering the invasive species in plastic collector plates that have been hanging under wharves at 18 sites around southwest New Brunswick since the spring. [email protected] 06:47

Sea squirt invasion destroying N.S. mussel industry – Slimy creatures attach themselves to mussels and rob them of nutrients

Invasive tunicates — also known as sea squirts — are slimy creatures that attach themselves to mussels and either rob the shellfish of nutrients and water, or literally rip the mussels off the socks with their sheer weight. They are invertebrates that look like giant orange slugs. [email protected]