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Six pilot studies test sea urchin farming in Canada

Federal scientists and others are exploring the possibility of sea urchin farming in Canada, with at least six pilot studies using Norwegian technology that proponents hope will turn “zombie” urchins which can denude kelp beds into profitable seafood. The first of the studies, conducted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is expected to start next week in waters off Vancouver Island, with others planned for Newfoundland, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Wild urchins are harvested in B.C. and elsewhere, but aren’t farmed commercially anywhere in Canada — yet. But the efforts to birth a new aquaculture industry are already running into questions about the ecological cost. Read the story here 09:11

Sea urchin, or uni, is a popular B.C. delicacy — but not in B.C.

As the weather turns colder, some of the most prized sea urchin in the world is being caught right now off the coast of B.C. The spiny creatures are treasured in Japan, where Canada will export much of the haul. There, sea urchin is called “uni,” and is considered a delicacy. “The thing with buying live sea urchin is you never know what’s inside,” said Janice Yu, owner of Fresh Ideas Start Here fish shop in Burnaby. “That’s why we try and pick the best boats with the best divers who know where to pick these sea urchins.” Read the rest here 11:25

San Diego: Local Fishermen Land the Big One: a Dockside Market

It’s a far cry from Pike’s Place Market — Seattle’s bustling, fish-throwing seafood mecca — but buying local rockfish, sea urchin, crabs and more directly from San Diego fishermen is about to get a whole lot easier. Read more here 21:22

ODFW seeks new members for Fishery Permit Review Board

The permit review board evaluates limited entry permit denials made by ODFW and considers requests for permit transfers for the following commercial fisheries: sea urchin, roe herring, Columbia River gillnet salmon, ocean troll salmon, ocean shrimp/scallop, ocean crab, sardine, bay clam dive, brine shrimp, blue and black rockfish and nearshore fisheries. Read more here 16:17

The Great Sea Urchin Crisis – “They’re completely dying off,”

Tye Zinck chips the ice off his scuba mask, yells a warrior cry and lunges off the boat. Until he can slow his gasping, he floats atop the 40 degree water, the wind of Sambro Cove, Nove Scotia, biting at his ears. The seams of his dry suit are so thick that it looks inside out. Read more here  11:56