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New Hampshire lobstermen see no shortage of lobsters

If lobsters are running scared from warmer southern New England waters, local lobstermen aren’t experiencing a similar shortage.  According to Red Perkins, manager at Seabrook’s Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative, lobsters are in good supply this year, although not as abundant as a few years ago.”We’re not noticing a shortage here,” Perkins said yesterday. “Last year we had a realistic lobster harvest and this year is the same as last year. A couple of years ago it was a very good year. It’s not strange for quantities to vary over the years.” Read the rest here 11:51

New Hampshire’s beleaguered commercial fishing industry – $2M in federal funds

yNew Hampshire’s 400-year-old commercial fishing fleet, made up of small boats, has worked under increasing federal regulations and restrictions since the Magnuson-Stevens Act was passed in 1976. It limits the catch and species of fish that can be caught, as well as when and where fisherman can fish. A 2010 amendment to the act introduced the “catch share” limit system for groundfish that hit small independent boat fishermen, like those in New Hampshire, the hardest. Read more here 08:52

New Hampshire Fishermen try to stay afloat in face of drastic quotas cut’s

The fear was that fishermen at small ports like Seabrook’s Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative might not survive the measure. Yankee is the only remaining fishermen’s cooperative in the Granite State and the one that handles most of New Hampshire’s landings from Rye to Seabrook. “We have about 20 boats remaining,” Yankee’s manager Red Perkins said Friday. “Five years ago we had about 35. Over the past years, some fishermen have sold their permits. I’d say there were about eight who did that.” continued