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Plymouth fishermen to get GPS lifejackets to prevent tragedies at sea

Plymouth City Council has ordered 250 lifejackets with built-in locators, which give off distress signals to help identify the exact location of crews in the event of an emergency. The tragic death of popular fisherman Tony Jones, whose body was discovered after The Solstice capsized about nine miles from Plymouth last month, provided a stark reminder of the dangers of the job. After applying for funding last September, the council has been awarded £77,000 from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Maritime Management Organisation for the scheme, which it is hoped will help reduce loss of life and accidents within the local fishing industry. click here to read the story 16:12

UK fishermen see Brexit bonanza, but there’s a catch

Newlyn – For the fishermen of this small port on the toe of England, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was an answer to their prayers. After 45 years chafing under what they saw as unfair quotas in one of the world’s richest fishing grounds, the UK government would finally, in the lexicon of Brexiteers, “take back control” of British waters. But what Brexit gives with one hand, it can also take away. European fishermen want Brussels to use its trump card – continued access to the essential EU market – in negotiations on how to divvy up the seas. click here to read the story 12:15

North Sea cod gets MSC certification

At times during these moratorium years of the northern cod, people in this province have glanced at the North Sea to see how that cod stock was faring. Collapsed, recovered and collapsed again, North Sea cod over the years seemed on a different path than northern cod, and different methods were undertaken to attempt recovery and sustainability. On Wednesday, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) announced that North Sea cod has received its distinguished certification after the stock passed an independent assessment against the MSC’s strict standards.,,, “Since then the industry has worked with the Scottish Government and EU Fisheries Council to agree and implement a ‘Cod Recovery Plan’ that would nurse the stock back to health. “The plan linked the number of days fishing that boats were given to the conservation measures they signed up to. click here to read the story 17:42

Sea You Home Safe! Seafish is calling on the UK’s fishermen to think about their safety

Seafish is calling on the UK’s fishermen to think about their safety after research revealed 46% of commercial fishermen consider their job to be dangerous but 34% say they rarely or never wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Seafish’s safety at sea campaign, Sea You Home Safe, is continuing to call for the 12,000 fishermen across the UK to think about their safety before setting sail, with 7,000 new lightweight PFDs given to UK fishermen over the past year. Read the rest here 16:42

Fishing Methods Guide, produced by Seafish

“Years and years of research and development has gone in to gear technology over the years, allowing fishermen to be more selective with the catch. Yet, most people never get the opportunity to see fishing gear in operation – they have very little appreciation of how it works and what it actually looks like when it is fishing. Fishermen will know and understand their own gear very well, but even they rarely see what happens with the gear beneath the water, usually having to rely on the resulting catch to gauge how the gear is working.” See the download here 08:18

Seafarers UK: Maritime industry to supply free safety devices

SEAFISH has welcomed the news that the UK maritime industry bodies’ have pledged more than £150,000 in additional funding to provide more commercial fishermen with free Read more here 08:00