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Destination crew remembered at 89th “Blessing of the Fleet” ceremony

It’s been one month and one day since the Destination mysteriously disappeared in Alaskan waters. The Seattle-based crabbing boat went missing in the Bering Sea and all six crew members with it. On Sunday, the fishing community marked its 89th “Blessing of the Fleet” at Seattle’s Fisherman’s Terminal. Lutheran ministers raised a flag above a boat named St. Anthony and wished safe passage for all who risk their lives at sea. However, it was Destination that was on the minds of many people who attended. “I come to the blessing every year,” Laurel Schultz of Gig Harbor said. Schultz’s cousin worked on a crab boat and was lost at sea in 1989. “I’m drawn to this every year because it’s a powerful experience. It brings together a group of people who care about fishermen and women,” Schultz said. Video, photo’s, read the story here 10:00

Seattle salmon fishing industry reacts to FDA approval of genetically engineered salmon

On Thursday the FDA ruled genetically engineered salmon are just as safe to eat as any other salmon.  The news was not well received at Seattle’s Fisherman’s Terminal. “I think it’s a horrible idea,” said Spencer Anderson, who is a commercial fisherman with his father based out of Fisherman’s Terminal. “It kind of feels like they’re choosing the salmon as a guinea pig,” said Paula Cassidy, owner of Wild Salmon Seafood Market. The AquaAdvantage Salmon are the first genetically engineered animal approved for humans to eat. Read the article here 15:28

Something’s fishy about Seattle’s Fisherman’s Terminal – and that’s a good thing

Living in Seattle, we have a tendency to take great seafood for granted; we know that come spring, our halibut will have a soft landing in herbed butter. It’s a given that we can drive to Fishermen’s Terminal and buy freshly-caught salmon just feet from where the boat docks. We can be confident our crab,,, Read the rest here 10:20