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Ret Talbot – Fishery Data versus Anecdote through the Lens of Sector Management

untitled ret talbotAt this year’s Maine Fishermen’s Forum, many old themes are the topic of current conversations. Fisheries managers and scientists point to data that show a fishery resource squarely on the ropes, while many in the fishing industry maintain that there are more fishes in the water than any time in recent memory. Industry often views the current management system as one that forces fishers into a situation where they are “constantly trying not to catch fish” due to quotas imposed by managers based on science the industry views as suspect. The discrepancy between industry and managers–between anecdote and data–is troubling and continues to foment mistrust, frustration and outright anger. Read the rest here 13:19

Fishing crisis only follows NOAA’s failed policies – Paul Cohan, Gloucester

environmental-watchdog[1]Weren’t NOAA’s “catch shares” and “sector management” strategies supposed to have been the panacea for the fishery?  Weren’t they supposed to eliminate the widely acknowledged disparities between inshore and offshore, different gear types, big and little? Weren’t they supposed to eliminate the last vestiges of the failed Days At Sea management suite, with its associated trip limits, wasteful discards, and discriminatory spacial and temporal allocations? Read the rest here 13:49

Voices from the Fisheries – Interviewee: Ian Parente

Abstract: Ian Parente, 30, is a commercial fisherman out of Sakonnet Point, RI. He is a second generation commercial fisherman who has fished his whole life and bought his own vessel out of high school; he also has 2 brothers that fish. Mr. Parente now fishes mostly for groundfish offshore on his common pool boat; his other boat does not have a groundfish permit and mostly monkfishes. Listen @noaa.gov 12:12

Three years into catch shares, fishing industry faces ‘Day of Reckoning’

sct logoNEW BEDFORD — Sharp new cuts in fishing quotas mark the start today of the fourth year of fishing catch shares and sector management in the Northeast, NOAA’s prescription for rebuilding fish stocks and streamlining the fishing industry. But the fishermen who now see their quotas of some fish cut by more than 70 percent, who see their livelihood evaporating before their eyes, who are losing homes to foreclosure, insist, without contradiction, that they have done everything NOAA Fisheries has asked them to do in the past three years, and years before that. sadly, continued