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Three times US Senate Candidate Steve Lynch exclaimed he was for the fishermen, and Markey was for the fish! Markey clammed up!

During the Senate debate on local channel 4 news, carried on C-span, Steve Lynch pressed the issue we all want to hear about in the fisheries in New England. Who is in the fight for who. Markey was offered ample opportunity to speak about it, but clammed up. It’s obvious Cape Wind booster Markey,  ranking member, Committee on Natural Resources involved in the reauthorization of MSA, is not quite as passionate about the fishing industry as Lynch. Lynch was impressive during the debate, putting Mr. Markey on the defensive on a number of issues. Markey’s stance on MSA is there is no need to deviate from the current version, seeing no reason for alteration like flexibility. Steve Lynch has a number of small fishing communities in his District. Cohasset, Hull, and Scituate, and the Port of Boston, which includes the Boston Fish Pier.

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