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Senator Kerry Urges Release of Latest Swartwood Report, mentions the Agency created “declared fishery disaster”.

WASHINGTON — Senator John Kerry, in a letter to U.S. Department of Commerce Acting Secretary Rebecca Blank, urged the immediate release of the most recent report of Special Master Charles B. Swartwood, a  report commissioned as a result of an investigation made at Sen. Kerry’s behest. “The perceived delay in releasing the report has resulted in further eroding of public trust in the agency.  Again, I urge you to release Special  Master Swartwood’s report.”

Senator. Percieved delay? There is nothing percieved about this. It is a fact that public trust in this agency is bankrupt.



FLASHBACK! John Kerry – “Lubchenco is your friend,” February 2010 To leave the Fish Wars as Secretary of Defense?

Kerry released the following statement to the Times yesterday in response to a request about his position on Magnuson. “The status quo isn’t working, and I say that as someone who is passionate about the environment, but who can see plainly that people are hurting and there are legitimate issues that have to be fixed. “I’m going to be talking with fishing and environmental experts at the state and federal level to develop sustainable fisheries in New England and work with the New England delegation, as I always have, to keep federal assistance flowing into Massachusetts for our fishing families and to rebuild the fisheries.” http://www.gloucestertimes.com/local/x966804462/Kerry-to-fishermen-Lubchenco-your-friend

No offense Senator,,,,,,,,,,screw it, Senator Kerry, you thought then, as you do now, that its all about frittering out a few bucks to to the victims of President Obama’s US Commerce Department, the New England Fishing Industry. You have been ineffective Senator, and I’m done beating the drum for you. You have not delivered, Senator.

Please, John Kerry, just go away! http://bostonherald.com/news/columnists/view.bg?articleid=1061174640