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Ecosystems Are Dying as Long Island Contends With a Nitrogen Bomb

Thousands of dead bunker fish and hundreds of diamondback turtles washed ashore last May in Peconic Bay on the east end of Long Island, New York. Fed by warming waters and a stream of nitrogen, a foul bloom of algae had so depleted the estuary of oxygen that marine life suffocated. The waters of the bay swirled red and brown. Basic septic units are not designed to remove nitrogen. When too many households with septic are clustered too densely, nitrogen levels spike. Converted into ammonium in the tank and then nitrate in the soil, nitrogen seeps into groundwater and ends up in rivers, lakes, and bays, where it feeds a menagerie of algae species. Read the rest here 21:32

NH Seacoast communities rising to nitrogen challenge

seacoastonlinelogoBecause of state and federal environmental regulatory concerns over nitrogen levels in Great Bay, the communities within the Great Bay watershed are being required to reduce man-made sources of nitrogen. These new requirements will affect everyone within the watershed. Read [email protected]  09:17