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Alaska Supreme Court rules setnet ban initiative unconstitutional – calls initiative a “give-away program”

judgementThe Alaska Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling on Thursday, declaring a ballot initiative to ban setnets in certain areas of the state unconstitutional. Calling the initiative a “give-away program” that was designed to appeal to the self-interests of non-commercial fishermen, the court issued an opinion on Thursday that put an end to a lengthy legal process that began in late 2013. The initiative would have almost exclusively impacted the Kenai Peninsula, where 735 setnet permits are registered alongside a large guided angler industry. Alaska residents hold more than 80 percent of the permits. Read the article here 17:19

Meetings will shape AK fishing futures: salmon vs coal, setnet ban, NPFMC, BOF, IPHC

It’s a meeting line up like never before for Alaska’s fishing industry. Starting off  this Friday  – the  state Department of Natural Resources will hear both sides on competing claims to water rights for salmon streams at Upper Cook Inlet’s Chuitna River or to dewater the region for what would be Alaska’s  biggest coal mine. The decision could set a state precedent. A decision is expected on or before October 9.Next Wednesday, August 26, is the state Supreme Court hearing on the setnet ban proposed for Cook Inlet and five other Alaska regions.  Read the rest here 18:03

Pending decisions may change face of Alaska fishing forever

Ken Coleman, center, setnet fishes with sons Bailey, left, and Brandon on July 23, 2015Two hearings this month could change the face of Alaska’s salmon fisheries forever. On Aug. 21, the Department of Natural Resources will hear both sides on competing claims to water rights for salmon streams at Upper Cook Inlet’s Chuitna River  or for a proposed coal mine . If the department opts for the mine, the decision would establish a state precedent, according to critics. Following the water rights hearing will be oral arguments before the Alaska Supreme Court on Aug. 26 on the proposed for Cook Inlet and five other “urban, nonsubsistence” Alaska regions. Read the rest here 08:39

Special interest group continues effort to get setnet ban on 2016 ballot

A proposed voter initiative to ban setnets in urban parts of Alaska is making its way toward the ballot, while a lawsuit over its legality continues. The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance has been collecting signatures throughout the state to put the proposed ban on the August 2016 ballot. President Joe Connors said in an emailed statement that the signature-collecting is going well. “We are confident we will reach our goal,” he wrote. Read the rest here  11:24