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Seward tops commercial fisheries – Wolfgang Kurtz

While Homer, Kodiak and Seward continue to compete for the top spot in commercial halibut landings this year, Seward has taken a big lead when sablefish is added into the mix.,,,Between halibut and sablefish, commonly called black cod, Seward has more pounds of fish landed so far this season than Homer and Kodiak combined. Read more here  19:33

Seward harbor in need of more upgrading

ADN.com – The idea to use it for the CDQ fleet came up a couple of years ago, when Western Alaska’s Coastal Villages Region Fund, approached the city. CVRF is the largest of the CDQ groups, and it brings in an estimated 175 million pounds of groundfish and crab annually. Currently, the group’s fleet docks in Seattle.”And they’ve managed to leverage those initial shares into majority or outright ownership interest in twenty large vessels – crabbers, catcher processors trawlers, and over a quarter billion dollars in assets that they would like to bring home to Alaska.” continued

How today’s gillnet policy grounded Skamakowa’s Marty Kuller

SKAMOKAWA — When Marty Kuller was growing up in Seward, Alaska, commercial fishermen walked tall, and little boys like Kuller looked up to them. “Growing up as a young man, the commercial fishermen were the pillars of the community. As a young man, that was my dream. You know how something like that can take hold in you,” Kuller, 50, said last week. But these days, gillnetting no longer fills his heart with pride and excitement. Read more