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If we don’t protect Alaska halibut, there will be no fish to fight over

The halibut wars are on, folks, and I don’t mean the Domino’s Pizza ad slam from last year. There are a few silly voices trying to make the current arguments regarding halibut an allocation war. Sadly, they are wrong. It’s way past allocation, folks, and now its a fight for preservation and sustainability. Areas of the Bering Sea have not been managed to sustain halibut — specifically Area 4CDE. Read the rest here 13:31

We can’t save Kenai kings by destroying Cook Inlet setnetters

A few weeks ago, I went into town to shop for groceries. As I walked into the market, a man with a clipboard asked me, “Would you like to protect salmon?” Maybe I’m biased. No, I’m definitely biased by that experience. It’s not fair that a limitless number of fishing guides, who only have to take a five-day course to qualify to go into business, try to take away the ability of setnetters to fish. Setnetters spend thousands of dollars to get a permit and thousands more to buy gear. Are the guides going to reimburse the setnetters for their permits? Read the rest here 10:09

Alaska: Governor’s appointments are a joke, but he’s not kidding

This is the time of year year when the governor appoints people to official positions. Parnell is delivering a couple of real doozies. In searching high and low (especially low) for a fisheries advisor, the governor landed on the six-year spokesmodel for the Pebble mine project, a guy named Ben Mohr. You know Pebble, the project that plans to build a giant poison lake at the headwaters of Alaska’s most productive salmon rivers. Mohr is definitely a guy you want making policy to ensure the health of our fisheries for the next millennium. Read more here 15:33