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PETA wishes Warren Sapp well after shark attack, sends (delicious cruelty-free) fake lobster

163-1440_zoomWarren Sapp was bitten by what appeared to be a nurse shark while hunting lobster off the Florida Keys on Wednesday. The former University of Miami and NFL star will be getting at least one get-well card. And some fake lobster. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, best known as PETA, said it was not only sending its best wishes to Sapp via a card, but would also send him some “delicious cruelty-free vegan lobster” for his enjoyment. Also, PETA appears fond of football puns. “We heard about your interception of a defensive shark’s lobster dinner,” PETA wrote in its response to Sapp according to an email sent to the Miami Herald. “We wanted to pass along some delicious cruelty-free vegan lobster in the hope that it’s a winner with you and yours. Read the rest here, and eat more lobster! 11:15

Woman diver found dead in suspected ‘large white shark’ attack two days after Australian surfer Ben Gerring died

A woman’s body was discovered near Perth in Western Australia and police reports say she had “significant injuries consistent with a shark attack”. It is believed she had been diving near the northern suburb of Mindarie on Sunday morning local time. The Fisheries Department is setting up shark capture gear, saying there is a significant threat to public safety. The 60-year-old female was with a 43-year-old male diving partner in the reefs off Mindarie. The tragedy comes just two days after the death of Australian surfer Ben Gerring who died in hospital three days after losing his right leg in a shark attack. Read the rest here 13:30